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Friday, February 18, 2022

G Letter Names for Baby Boy in Punjabi 2022: G Letter Names in Punjabi for Baby Boy

G Letter Names for Baby Boy in Punjabi 2022: G Letter Names in Punjabi for Baby Boy
G Letter Names for Baby Boy in Punjabi 2022: G Letter Names in Punjabi for Baby Boy

Punjabi Baby Boy Names Start with G: This page has a huge collection of names for boy babies especially starting with the Punjabi alphabet A. Parents who want to name their child with a unique name can search and find the best name here. The best name should have horoscope values and modern meanings so we collect names with those values.

G Letter Names for Boy in Punjabi: We have created a list of latest and new G letter names for baby Boy in Punjabi. G letter names in Punjabi for Boys are modern for our time. This list will help you select the best names for your baby Boy in Punjabi which everybody in your family will love. We hope these names will make your Boy stand out in the crowd.

G Letter Names for Boy in Punjabi

Choosing a name for your baby-to-be is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your pregnancy. Should you select a classic name that will stand the test of time, possibly one that’s remained in your family for generations? Or, should you opt for a name that’s more modern and unique? Get the complete list of Baby Boy Names starting with G in Punjabi.

Alphabet G
Baby Boy
Gender Female
Language Punjabi
Provider Teacher Text

Meaning of G Letter Names in Punjabi for Baby Boy

Those beginning with the name F, fit perfectly in terms of responsibility. These people walk in the balance of everything in life, and they walk very thoughtfully in terms of spending money.

Although they are full of confidence, but by nature they are very sensitive and emotional. They mostly prefer to be alone, but remain one step ahead in terms of love. They attach great importance to love in life, and in the case of romance they are not less than anyone. They give great importance to love and romance.

Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with G in Punjabi 2022

Find here a list of Boy names starting with G in Punjabi 2022. Here, you can browse the list of the top 1,000 baby Boy names starting with G in Punjabi for inspiration.

Whether you are seeking a cool baby Boy name filled with enthusiasm and energy, or prefer a cute Boy name that’s a little more low-key or off-the-beaten path, our lists of unique, uncommon and most popular baby Boy names will help you find the right fit.


Gurbax Gurus gift
Gurugun Virtuous enlightener
Gurdaas Gurus slave
Gurmustak Gurus forehead
Gurmohinder Lord Guru
Gurubir Heroic enlightener
Gurmohan Gurus sweetheart
Gursev Gurus service
Gurinderjeet Gurus victory
Gurnyam Gurus justice
Gurzail Gurus province
Gurpreetam Beloved Guru
Gurkiratsingh Guru
Geetinder Kings lyrics
Gunprem Excellence
Guneetveer Excellent warrior
Gurjot Guru light
Guneetwant Most excellent
Gurukar Creative enlightener
Gobindrai Godly Prince
Gunshaant Peaceful excellence
Gaganjeev Sky living
Gurdas Gurus slave
Gurdaman Gurus skirt
Gurushan Gurus Shan
Guldeep Rose lamp
Gurnidh Gurus treasure
Gurvaid Divine knowledge
Gunraaj Excellent kingdom
Gurveen Gurus grace
Gurminder Lord Guru
Gurdarshan Gurus vision
Gulveer Sweet brother
Gurinder Lord
Garinder Lord
Ganeve Priceless wealth
Gur Young lion
Gabbar Strong
Gabby Sound of God; Hero of God
Gadin Lord Krishna / Ganesha
Gaffar Most Forgiving
Gagan Sky; Heaven; Lord Shiva / Murugan
Gagan Sky; Heaven; Atmosphere
Gagandeep Light of the Sky
Gagandip Light of the Sky
Gaganinder Lord of Sky
Gaganjeet Victor of the Sky
Gaganjeev Sky living
Gaganjit Victor of the Sky
Gaganjot Light of the Sky; Heavens light
Gaganjyot Light of the Sky
Gaganmeet Friend of Sky
Gaganpreet Love of the heavenly Sky
Gagen Sky
Gaggan Sky
Gaggi Son of Sky
Gaggu Sky
Gagnesh Son of Lord Shiva
Gagu Sky
Gaihargambhir Unfathomable and profound
Gajan Thunder; To Roar
Gajendr The King of Elephants
Gajinder Ok type person
Gajpal Lord Ganesha
Gajraaj The Lord
Gaman Observation, Progressive, Journey
Gamdur To Be Defined. if you know the meaning , please let us know
Ganak An Astrologer; Mathematician
Ganapat Lord Ganesha
Ganesh The Legend, Lord
Ganesha Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati
Ganeve Priceless wealth
Ganikaa A Dancer
Ganjeet To Be Defined. if you know the meaning , please let us know
Ganpat Lord Ganesha
Ganpath Lord Ganesha
Ganveer Brave
Garibnivaj One who fosters the poor
Garinder Lord
Garja Brave
Garry Mighty with a Spear, Spear
Garuda Eagle, Falcon
Garv Proud
Garvik Proud, Smartness, Attitude
Garvit To be Proud of, Feels Proud
Gatleen Merged in Freedom
Gatnam Liberated through Naam
Gatnam Liberated through naam
Gatnirmal Liberated through holiness
Gatnivaas Dwelling in a liberated realm
Gatsangat Liberation through company
Gatsharan Liberated by taking shelter of Guru
Gauraav Proud; Dignity; Pride; Honour
Gaurang Fair Complexioned
Gaurank A Fair One; Fair Complexioned
Gauravdeep Light of glory
Gauravv Pride; Honour
Gautam Lord Buddha
Gautum Name of a Rishi
Gavy White Falcon; Rock
Gawan Invisible
Gawrav Proud
Geet Song; Poem; Chant
Geet Song
Geetinder Kings lyrics
Geevan Life
Ghamand Pride; Ego
Ghamandjeet Victory of pride
Ghamandjot Light of pride
Ghamandpal Protector of pride
Ghamandprem Love for pride
Gharcheen One who realises the home within
Gharchet One who meditates on the real home within
Ghunraj King
Giaan Knowledge
Giaandeep The lamp of divine knowledge
Giaanleen One absorbed in divine light and knowledge
Giaanroop An embodiment of divine light; Embodiment of divine knowledge
Giaanveer Brave and divine in knowledge
Gian One having exalted divine knowledge; Wisdom
Gian God is Merciful
Gianbhagat Devotee for divine knowledge
Gianbir Brave and knowledgeable
Gianbir Brave and Knowledgeable
Giancheet Conscious through divine knowledge
Gianchetan Conscious through divine knowledge
Giandeep A lamp of divine knowledge
Giandhiaan Absorbed in divine knowledge
Giangeet Songs of divine knowledge
Gianinder King of knowledge
Gianjas In praise of divine knowledge
Gianjas In Praise of Divine Knowledge
Gianjeet Victory of knowledge
Gianjeevan A life full of divine knowledge
Gianjog Union through divine knowledge
Gianjog Union through Divine Knowledge
Gianjot Light of knowledge
Gianjot Light of Knowledge
Gianleen One absorbed in divine light and knowledge
Gianmeet Friend of knowledge
Gianrang Imbued with divine knowledge
Gianras Elixir of Divine Knowledge
Gianratan Germs of divine knowledge
Gianroop An embodiment of divine light; Embodiment of divine knowledge
Giansh Full of Knowledge
Giantek Support of Divine Knowledge
Gianutaam Having exalted divine knowledge
Gianveer Brave and divine in knowledge
Gianvichaar Reflecting on divine knowledge
Gick Lion; Tiger
Ginder To Be Defined. if you know the meaning , please let us know
Girdhar Another Name of Lord Krishna
Girik True, Lord Shiva
Gitansh Part of Holy Book Geeta
Gitaz Calm; Melody
Giyansh Life; Live; Part of Life / Heart
Glyn Valley
Gnan Intelligence
Gnandev Brilliance
Gnanesh Knowledge Provider
Gobinder Lord of the king
Gobinderjeet The victory of the Lord
Gobinderjot Light of the Lord
Gobindrai Godly Prince
Gokul To Be Defined. if you know the meaning , please let us know
Golu Round Faced; Naughty Person
Gopal Lord Krishna, Protector of Cows
Gopala Cowherd; Name of Lord Krishna
Gopalpreet Love for the Lord
Gopi Love, Cute, Head of God
Gorav Lord Shiva
Gorvish To Be Defined. if you know the meaning , please let us know
Gourav Honour, Prestige, Feel Proud
Gourv Proud; Respect; Honour
Goutham Lord Buddha; Similar to Gautam
Govind Cow-herd, Lord Krishna
Govrav Honour
Gowtham Name of Lord Buddha, A Strength
Grahith Understood; Accepted; Considered
Granth Heart of God; Volume; Shlok
Grewal Surname
Guddu Sweet
Guhan God, Lord Murugan
Gulaab Rose Flower
Gulab Rose; Flower
Gulbag Rose Garden
Gulbagh Rose Garden; Paradise
Gulbir Generous
Guldeep Rose lamp
Guldeep Rose Lamp
Gulraj Kingdom of Flowers
Gulshanbir Brave in the rose garden
Gulshandeep The lamp of the rose garden
Gulshanjeet A victory of the rose garden
Gulshanjot Light of the rose garden
Gulshanmeet Friendly with the rose garden
Gulshanpreet Love of the rose garden
Gulshanroop An embodiment of the rose garden
Gulsher King of Flowers
Gulveer Sweet brother
Gulveer Sweet Brother
Gulwant Beautiful like flowers
Gulwant Beautiful Like Flowers
Gulwantpreet Love for the beautiful flowers
Gulzar Rosegarden; Inhabited town; Flourishing
Gulzar Gardener
Gun Strong; Warrior
Gunaatam The excellence of the soul
Gunagya Knower of Virtues
Gunaj Virtuous Maiden
Gunapal One with Disciplined
Gunbir Virtuous and brave
Gunbir Virtuous and Brave
Gundaat Blessed with virtues
Gundaat Blessed with Virtues
Gundeep Lamp of excellences
Gundeep Lamp of Excellences
Guneet Knower of virtues; Talented; Excellent; Virtuous
Guneet Meritorious; Excellent
Guneetpaul Preserver of excellence
Guneetveer Excellent warrior
Guneetwant Most excellent
Gungeet Song of virtues
Gungeet Song of Virtues
Gungian Excellence of Divine Knowledge
Gunjan Humming / Buzzing of a Bee
Gunjas Praise of excellence
Gunjas Praise of Excellence
Gunjeet Victory of Virtue

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What To Consider When Choosing A Baby Boy Names Starting with G in Punjabi

There are so many things to factor in when deciding on a name starting with G in Punjabi for your baby Boy. To start, you want to make sure you and your partner both like it and that it doesn’t remind either of you of someone you don’t like. It’s also helpful to coordinate the first name with the last name, along with any middle name(s) being considered.Beyond that, it’s a good idea to choose a baby Boy name that matches your family identity and holds some sense of meaning or personal appeal. We suggest you spend some time listening to how your potential baby Boy name starting with G in Punjabi syllables sound together, asking around to see how hard the name is to pronounce, and thinking about what the initials spell out, if anything. Some couples narrow things down to a couple of favorites in advance of the birth, then see which of the Punjabi Boy names best suits their baby after it is born. In recent times, some parents are avoiding Punjabi baby Boy names starting with G altogether, preferring to select gender-neutral names. Ultimately, choosing a perfect Punjabi name is a personal decision that is up to you and your partner.



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