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Sunday, February 6, 2022

J Letter Names for Baby Boy in Tamil 2022: J Letter Names in Tamil for Baby Boy

J Letter Names for Baby Boy in Tamil 2022: J Letter Names in Tamil for Baby Boy
J Letter Names for Baby Boy in Tamil 2022: J Letter Names in Tamil for Baby Boy

Tamil Baby Boy Names Start with J: This page has a huge collection of names for boy babies especially starting with the Tamil alphabet A. Parents who want to name their child with a unique name can search and find the best name here. The best name should have horoscope values and modern meanings so we collect names with those values.

J Letter Names for Boy in Tamil: We have created a list of latest and new J letter names for baby Boy in Tamil. J letter names in Tamil for Boys are modern for our time. This list will help you select the best names for your baby Boy in Tamil which everybody in your family will love. We hope these names will make your Boy stand out in the crowd.

J Letter Names for Boy in Tamil

Choosing a name for your baby-to-be is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your pregnancy. Should you select a classic name that will stand the test of time, possibly one that’s remained in your family for generations? Or, should you opt for a name that’s more modern and unique? Get the complete list of Baby Boy Names starting with J in Tamil.

Alphabet J
Baby Boy
Gender Female
Language Tamil
Provider Teacher Text

Meaning of J Letter Names in Tamil for Baby Boy

People whose name starts with J letter are smart by nature. They are beautiful in appearance, as well as having good qualities of personality. they are at the forefront in fulfilling the responsibilities. they also have the special quality of living together at every turn of life.

Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with J in Tamil 2022

Find here a list of Boy names starting with J in Tamil 2022. Here, you can browse the list of the top 1,000 baby Boy names starting with J in Tamil for inspiration.

Whether you are seeking a cool baby Boy name filled with enthusiasm and energy, or prefer a cute Boy name that’s a little more low-key or off-the-beaten path, our lists of unique, uncommon and most popular baby Boy names will help you find the right fit.


Jai Victory; Conqueror
Jay Blue Crested Bird
Jagatpal caretaker of the world ( God )
Janardan One who helps people
Joe God Add Another Son
Jagat World
Jack Supplanter
Jina Lord Vishnu
Jith Warrior Arjuna
John God is Merciful; Gift of God
Jagan Universe; World
Jahan The World; Universe
Jamal Handsome; Being Fair;
James Great; Lovable
Janak Good Man
Janan Heart; Soul
Jason Healer
Jatin Saint; Matted Hair
Jayan The Victorious
Jayin Conqueror
Jeeva Nice Person; LifeStyle
Jegan Strong
Jevan Soul; Life
Jigar Heart
Jival Full of Life
Jivan Life
Jorge Farmer
Jahnav Rishi who Kept Ganga on his Legs
Jaidev God of Victory
Jairaj Lord of Victory
Jairam The victory of Lord Rama
Jaison Son of Victory
Jalesh Lord of Water
Janesh Lord of Men
Janith Born
Jarish Sweet Smile
Jashan Celebrate; Celebration
Jaswin Get Victory from Others
Jathin A Name of Lord Shiva
Javesh Related to God
Jayant Victorious
Jayesh Full of Happiness; Victor
Jeevan Life-Giving; Full of Life
Jeguru Master of Victory
Jenish God is Gracious
Jeshan Clear
Jevesh Courageous
Jevith Blessing of God
Jitesh Winner; Victory
Jithin Undefeatable; Winner
Jivesh Life; God
Jogesh Lord Shiva
Jagdish King of the World
Jaagrath (ஜாக்ரத) Awakened
Jaagrav (ஜாக்ரவ) Alert; Awake; Watchful; Sun, another name for Agni
Jaahnav (ஜாஹ்நவ) Hindu Rishi who kept Ganga on his legs
Jaapak (ஜாபக) Meditative; Muttering prayers
Jaasvin (ஜாஸ்வீந) Holy
Jaathavedhas (ஜாதவேதாஸ) Fire
Jaboah (ஜாபஃ) Deepak; Light
Jadabendra (ஜாதாபேஂத்ர) Jadav + Lord Indra means Lord Krishna & Lord Indra
Jadadhar (ஜதாதார) Lord Shiva, The one having matted hair (Jada - matted hair, Dhar - bearded of)
Jadhav (ஜாதவ) A yadava
Jag (ஜாக) The universe; The Earth; World
Jagachandra (ஜகசந்த்ர) Moon of the universe
Jagad (ஜகத) Universe; World
Jagadayu (ஜகதாயு) Lifespring of the universe
Jagadbandu (ஜகதபஂது) Lord Krishna; Friend; Relative of the whole world
Jagadeep (ஜகதீப) Light of the world
Jagadeesan (ஜகதீஷந) God
Jagadeesh (ஜகதீஷ) God of the world, Lord of the world
Jagadeeswaran (ஜகதீஷ்வரா) God
Jagadesh (ஜகதேஷ) King of the universe; Lord of the world or the creation; The Lord provider of the world
Jagadesha (ஜகதேஷா) God, Master of the universe
Jagadev (ஜகதேவ) Lord of the world
Jagadguru (ஜகதகுரு) Preceptor of the universe
Jagadguruve (ஜகதகுருவே) Spiritual teacher of the universe of Dharma, Artha and Karma
Jagadhidh (ஜகதித) Lord of the world
Jagadhish (ஜகதீஷ) King of the world
Jagadip (ஜகதீப) Light of the world
Jagadish (ஜகதீஷ) God of the world, Lord of the world
Jagadisha (ஜகதீஷ) Master of the universe
Jagajeet (ஜகஜீத) Conqueror of the World
Jagamohan (ஜகமோஹந) One who attracts everything in the world to him
Jagan (ஜகந) Universe; World
Jagan Mohan (ஜகநமோஹந) Lord Vishnu; Charmer of the universe
Jaganmay (ஜகந்மய) Spread over the universe
Jaganmohan (ஜகஂமோஹந) Lord Vishnu; Charmer of the universe
Jagannath (ஜகந்நாத) Lord of the world
Jagannatha (ஜகந்நாத) King of the universe
Jagannathan (ஜகந்நாதந) Lord of the world
Jaganth (ஜகத) Lord of the universe
Jagapathi (ஜகபதி) Lord of universe
Jagat (ஜகத) The world; People; The Earth
Jagat Prabhu (ஜகதப்ரபு) God of the world
Jagat Prakash (ஜகதப்ரகாஷ) Light of the world
Jagatbehari (ஜகதபஹாரீ) World traveler Jagvihari
Jagatguru (ஜகதகுரு) Preceptor of the world
Jagath (ஜகத) World; People; The earth
Jagathpal (ஜகதபால) One who takes care of the universe; Caretaker of the world God
Jagatkishor (ஜகதகிஷோர) World child
Jagatpal (ஜகதபால) One who takes care of the universe; Caretaker of the world God
Jagatveer (ஜகதவீர) Bravest in the world
Jagav (ஜாகவ) Born to the world
Jagbir (ஜகபீர) Warrior of the world; World winner
Jagdeep (ஜகதீப) Light of the world
Jagdeesh (ஜகதீஷ) King of the universe; Lord of the world or the creation; The Lord provider of the world
Jagdev (ஜகதேவ) Lord of the world
Jagdish (ஜகதீஷ) King of the world
Jagesh (ஜாகேஷ) Lord of the world
Jagger (ஜைகர) Strong; Loyal
Jagish (ஜகிஷ) Lord of the universe
Jagjeet (ஜகஜீத) Winner of the world
Jagjeevan (ஜகஜீவந) Worldly life
Jagjivan (ஜகஜீவந) Worldly life
Jaglal (ஜகலால) Son of world
Jagmohan (ஜகமோஹந) One who attracts the world
Jagrav (ஜாகராஂவ) Alert; Awake; Watchful; Sun, another name for Agni
Jagravi (ஜாக்ரவீ) Alert; Awake; Watchful; King
Jagvir (ஜாகவீர) Warrior of the world; World winner
Jahangeer (ஜஹாஂகீர) World conqueror; A moghul emperor; Akbars son
Jahnav (ஜாஹ்நவ) Hindu rishi who kept Ganga on his legs
Jahnu (ஜாஹநூ) Soul; Life force; Birthplace
Jai (ஜய) Conqueror; Victory; The Sun; Conquest; Victorious
Jai Akash (ஜய ஆகாஷ) Victory
Jai Bhagwan (ஜய பகவாந) I honor the light within
Jai Darsh (ஜய தர்ஷ) Victory
Jai Kishan (ஜய கிஷந , ஜய கிஷந) A victory of Lord Krishna
Jai Krishna (ஜய கரஷ்ண) The victory of Lord Krishna
Jai Prakash (ஜய ப்ரகாஷ) Light; A victorious person who gives light to everyone; Ray of victory
Jai Ram (ஜய ராம) Victorious Rama
Jaian (ஜாய஁) Conqueror; Victor
Jaichand (ஜயசஂத) The victory of the Moon
Jaichandran (ஜயசஂத்ரந) Jaya- victory, Chandran- Moon, i.e. Victory of Moon
Jaicharan (ஜயசரண) Victorious Feet
Jaidayal (ஜய தயால) Victory of kindness
Jaideep (ஜயதீப) Victory of light
Jaideesh (ஜயதீஷ)
Jaiden (ஜைதேந) A variant of Jaydev (Lord of triumph
Jaidev (ஜயதேவ) God of victory
Jaidish (ஜயதிஷ)
Jaigath (ஜகத) Victorious
Jaigopal (ஜய கோபால) The victory of Lord Krishna
Jaikapeesh (ஜைகாபிஷ) Hail monkey God
Jaikrish (ஜைக்ரீஷ) The victory of Lord Krishna
Jaikrit (ஜயகரத) One who makes victory
Jaikruth (ஜயகரத)
Jailen (ஜைலேஂ) Calm
Jailesh (ஜைலேஷ) Lord of water
Jaimesh (ஜைமிஷ) Good Man
Jaimil (ஜைமில) Beloved girl
Jaimin (ஜைமீந) Victory or ancient philosopher; One who has control over his heart and mind
Jaimini (ஜைமிநீ) An ancient philosopher

Baby Names for Boy in Tamil for all Alphabets

What To Consider When Choosing A Baby Boy Names Starting with J in Tamil

There are so many things to factor in when deciding on a name starting with J in Tamil for your baby Boy. To start, you want to make sure you and your partner both like it and that it doesn’t remind either of you of someone you don’t like. It’s also helpful to coordinate the first name with the last name, along with any middle name(s) being considered.Beyond that, it’s a good idea to choose a baby Boy name that matches your family identity and holds some sense of meaning or personal appeal. We suggest you spend some time listening to how your potential baby Boy name starting with J in Tamil syllables sound together, asking around to see how hard the name is to pronounce, and thinking about what the initials spell out, if anything. Some couples narrow things down to a couple of favorites in advance of the birth, then see which of the Tamil Boy names best suits their baby after it is born. In recent times, some parents are avoiding Tamil baby Boy names starting with J altogether, preferring to select gender-neutral names. Ultimately, choosing a perfect Tamil name is a personal decision that is up to you and your partner.



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