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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

S Letter Names for Baby Boy in Malayalam 2022: S Letter Names in Malayalam for Baby Boy

S Letter Names for Baby Boy in Malayalam 2022: S Letter Names in Malayalam for Baby Boy
S Letter Names for Baby Boy in Malayalam 2022: S Letter Names in Malayalam for Baby Boy

Malayalam Baby Boy Names Start with S: This page has a huge collection of names for boy babies especially starting with the Malayalam alphabet A. Parents who want to name their child with a unique name can search and find the best name here. The best name should have horoscope values and modern meanings so we collect names with those values.

S Letter Names for Boy in Malayalam: We have created a list of latest and new S letter names for baby Boy in Malayalam. S letter names in Malayalam for Boys are modern for our time. This list will help you select the best names for your baby Boy in Malayalam which everybody in your family will love. We hope these names will make your Boy stand out in the crowd.

S Letter Names for Boy in Malayalam

Choosing a name for your baby-to-be is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your pregnancy. Should you select a classic name that will stand the test of time, possibly one that’s remained in your family for generations? Or, should you opt for a name that’s more modern and unique? Get the complete list of Baby Boy Names starting with S in Malayalam.

Alphabet S
Baby Boy
Gender Female
Language Malayalam
Provider Teacher Text

Meaning of S Letter Names in Malayalam for Baby Boy

People with name starting with R do not like to live a social life, but give great importance to their family. They do not have much interest in reading and writing and they like to stand out from the crowd. They always do what the world does not do, and that's why people like them too.

However, these are center of attraction for the people. They have no lack of anything and they move fast in life. People with their own thinking and understanding are attracted to them. Beauty attracts them. They are clear from the heart, but sometimes people misunderstand them.

Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with S in Malayalam 2022

Find here a list of Boy names starting with S in Malayalam 2022. Here, you can browse the list of the top 1,000 baby Boy names starting with S in Malayalam for inspiration.

Whether you are seeking a cool baby Boy name filled with enthusiasm and energy, or prefer a cute Boy name that’s a little more low-key or off-the-beaten path, our lists of unique, uncommon and most popular baby Boy names will help you find the right fit.


Sriyansh Wealth
Srivasthav Lord Vishnu
Srisurya Sun
Srinu Creative Inspired Person
Srinjoy Modern
Srikaran Nice Person
Srijesh Creation
Srihith Lord Vishnu
Srihaas God Smile
Sridip The beautiful light
Sridhara Lord Vishnu
Sriansh Lord Vishnu's Part
Sri Varshan Falling of Rain
Sri Harish Lord Shiva
Srenik Organized
Sreevar Lord venkateswara Lord Vishnu
Sreeghan Wealth
Sree Sabari God
Sourindra Power of Lord Indra
Sourik Ray of Sun Love
Soumith Son of King
Soumik Powerful Like Fire Beautiful
Souhardika Friendly
Soubhagya Good luck
Somyajit Happiness
Somdutta Daughter of Shiva
Somakeerthy One of the kauravas
Sohith Guru Teacher Philosopher
Sohit Charming
Smitesh Smiling
Sivaraman God Shiva God Rama
Sivaprakash Name of Love
Sivaguru High Intelligent
Sivagnana Knowledge for Lord Shiva
Sindhura Responsibility Charming Goddess Parvati
Sidhu Punjabi Cast
Siddhivinayaka Bestowed of success
Shrutiprakasha Illuminator of the Vedas
Shrot Listener
Shrithik Lord Shiva
Shrinay Lord Ganesh
Shrikrishna Lord Krishna Black Darkskinned
Shriharsh God of happiness
Shri Jagadeesh Lord of universe
Shreyovardhana Best of all
Shreyanshu God of Affection
Shivparsad Gift of Lord Shiva
Shivohne God is Gracious
Shivayya Lord Shiva Ayya father
Shivakar Causing Happiness
  • Shivadasan Servant of Lord Shiva
    Shishirchandra Winter Moon
    Shirshirchandra Winter Moon
    Shinu Successful Person
    Shibu Born to Win
    Shibhya Lord Shiva
    Sheron Meadow A Fertile Plain
    Shatakanttamadapahate Destroyer of shatakanttas arrogance
    Sharokh Honorable Man
    Sharanatrana Tatpara Protector of devotees
    Sharadchandra Autumn Moon
    Shanyuth Benevolent
    Shantappa Peace
    Shanmukha Velan Lord Murugan Sixfaced Vel
    Shanmukha Vadivelan Lord Murugan Sixfaced Vadivel
    Shanmukha Sundaram Lord Murugan Sixfaced beauty
    Senthil Vadivelan Lord Murugan Always youth
    Senil Old
    Selva Kumar Prosperous
    Sawant Sun Bright
    Saurin Sun Power in
    Satyevikrama Truth makes him powerful
    Satyaraj Truth
    Satyanand True Bliss
    Satmanyu Name of Lord Indra
    Sathiya Friend
    Sarvopagunavarjita Destroyer of all evil
    Sarvayantratmaka Dweller in all yantras
    Sarvarogahara Reliever of all ailments
    Sarvamayavibhanjana Destroyer of all illusions
    Sarvalolkacharine Wanderer of all places
    Sarvaduhkhahara Reliever of all agonies
    Sarvadevatmika Dwells in all gods
    Sarvadevadideva Lord of all gods
    Saresh Simple
    Sanush Sun Rice
    Sankrant A Hindu Festival
    Sanketan Sankalpan
    Sankatamochanan Reliever of sorrows
    Sankata Mochanan Reliever of sorrows
    Sanjit Krishna Always victory
    Sanjesh God
    Sanivesh Appearance Form
    Sanidh Holy Place
    Sandipan A sage Lighting
    Sampurna Nand Complete Joyful
    Samihan Lord Vishnu
    Samaran Remembering
    Sakesh Lord Vishnu Victor
    Saishree Everywhere Saibaba
    • Saachar (സാചാര) Yahweh has remembered; Appropriate; Well-mannered
      Saadar (സാദര) Attached; Respectful; Thoughtful
      Saadhan (സാധന) Work; Achievement; Worship; The shelter; Fulfilment
      Saadhav (സാധവ) Pure; Loyal; Decent; Peaceful; Worthy; Chaste; Devout worthy; Noble
      Saadhik (സാധിക) Winner; Pious; Proficient
      Saadhin (സാധിന) Achievement; Work
      Saadvik (സദ്ദവിക) A tree
      Saagar (സാഗര) Sea; Ocean
      Saagarik (സാഗരിക) Belonging to the ocean
      Saagnik (സാഗ്നിക) One who wins the fire; Fiery; Passionate; Married
      Saahas (സാഹസ) Valour; Bravery; Happy; Laughing
      Saahass (സാഹസ) Adventure
      Saahasya (സാഹസ്യ) Mighty; Powerful
      Saahat (സാഹത) Stong; Powerful
      Saahil (സാഹില) Sea shore; Guide; Shore; Bank
      Saahith (സഹിതഃ) Bounded
      Saaj (സാജ) One who worships God; Beauteous tranquillity
      Saakar (സാകാര) The manifestation of God; Shapely; Concrete; Formal; Attractive
      Saakash (സാക്ഷ) One with a light shone upon him; Illumination; Brilliance; An enlightened soul
      Saaket (സാകേത) Lord Krishna; Having the same intention
      Saaketh (സാകേതഃ) Lord Krishna
      Saaksh (സാക്ഷ) True; Witness; With eyes
      Saalan (സാലന) One of the Kauravas
      Saamant (സാമംത) Bordering; Leader; Universal whole; Near; Omnipresent
      Saamir (സാമീര) Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind
      Saamod (സാമോദ) Pleased; Happy; Fragrant
      Saanal (സാനല) Fiery; Energetic; Powerful; Vigorous
      Saanidhya (സാനിധ്യ) Abode of God; Nera
      Saanjya (സംജയ) Unique; Incomparable
      Saaran (സാരന) Surrender; Running; Lily; Yard of a sail
      Saarang (സാരംഗ) A musical instrument; Distinguished; Brilliance; Light; Jewel; Gold light; The Earth; A musical Raag, Another name for the Love God Kaama and Shiva
      Saaransh (സാരാംശ) Summary; In brief; Precise; Result
      Saaras (സാരസ) Swan; The Moon
      Saarik (സാരിക) Resembling a small song bird; Melodious; Stream; Precious
      Saarth (സാര്ഥ) Charioteer of Partha (Arjun)
      Saarvendra (സാര്വേന്ദ്ര) Every where; God
      Saatej (സാതേജ) Possessing of brilliance and intelligence; Soft
      Saathvi (സാത്വീ) Existence; Real
      Saathvik (സാത്വിക) Calm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva
      Saathwik (സാര്ഥവിക) Calm; Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva
      Saatvik (സാത്വിക) Virtuous; Lord Krishna; Worthy; Important; Pure; Good
      Saavan (സാവന) The fifth month of the Hindu year; One who offers a sacrifice to God; Rain during monsoon season
      Saavant (സാവംത) Employer
      Saavitra (സാവിത്ര) Of the Sun; Offering; Fire
      Saavyas (സാവ്യാസ) Bring together
      Saayak (സായക) Weapon; Kind and helpful
      Saayan (സായന) Friend; Kind heart
      Sabal (സബല) With strength
      Sabar (സാബര) Nectar; Distinguished
      Sabareesh (സബരീശ) Lord of Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
      Sabareeshwara (സബരീശ്വരാ) Lord of Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
      Sabari (സാബരീ) A tribal devotee of Lord Rama; One who lives in Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
      Sabari Gireesh (സാബരീ ഗീരീശ) Lord of Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
      Sabariesh (സബരീഷ)
      Sabarinath (സബരീനാഥ) Lord Rama, Lord of Sabari
      Sabarinathan (സബരീനാഥന) Lord Ayyappa
      Sabarish (സബരീശ) Lord of Sabari hill; Lord Ayyappa
      Sabarishri (സബരീശ്രീ) Lord Ayyappa
      Sabdha (സബ്ധ) Word
      Sabhrant (സഭ്രാംത) Rich
      Sabhya (സഭ്യാ) Refined
      Sabjan (സബജന)
      Saborna (സബോര്ന)
      Sabresh (സബരേഷ) Lord Ayyappa
      Saburi (സബുരീ) Compassion
      Sacchidananda (സച്ചീദാനംദ) Total bliss
      Sacchidananda Vigraha (സച്ചീദാനംദ വിഗ്രഹ) Eternal happiness and bliss
      Sachandra (സചംദ്ര) Pure beautiful Moon
      Sachchit (സച്ചിത) Lord Brahma; Truth
      Sachet (സചേത) Joyful; Consciousness
      Sachetan (സചേതന) Rational
      Sachh (സച) The truth
      Sachidanand (സചിദാനംദ) One with a good mind and who is happy
      Sachidanand Vigraha (സചിദാനംദ വിഗ്രഹ) An embodiment of existence; Awareness and bliss
      Sachidananda (സചിദാനംദ)
      Sachiketh (സചീകേത) Fire
      Sachin (സചിന) Lord Indra; Pure existence; Affectionate; Epithet of Shiva
      Sachindeo (സചിനദേവ) Lord Indra Dev
      Sachindev (സചിനദേവ) Lord Indra Dev
      Sachish (സചിശ) Lord Indra
      Sachit (സചിത) Joyful or consciousness
      Sachitan (സചിതാം) Rational
      Sachith (സചിത) Joyful or consciousness
      Sachiv (സചിവ) Friend
      Sada (സദാ) Always
      Sada Shiv (സദാശിവ) Pure; Eternally pure
      Sada Shiva (സദാശിവാ) Pure; Eternally pure
      Sada Sivam (സദാ ശിവമ) Always silent
      Sadabindu (സദബിംദു) Lord Vishnu; Sada- eternally + Bindu - particle
      Sadaiappan (സദൈയപ്പന) Lord Shiva
      Sadan (സദന) Work; Achievement; Worship; The shelter; Fulfilment
      Sadanand (സദാനംദ) Ever joyous
      Sadananda (സദാനംദ) God
      Sadanandam (സദാനന്ദമ) Who is Happy always
      Sadar (സാദര) Attached; Respectful; Thoughtful
      Sadashiv (സദാശിവ) Pure; Eternally pure
      Sadashiva (സദാശിവാ) Eternal God; Lord Shiva
      Sadavir (സദവീര) Ever courageous
      Saday (സദായ) Compassionate
      Sadeepan (സദീപന) Lighted up

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What To Consider When Choosing A Baby Boy Names Starting with S in Malayalam

There are so many things to factor in when deciding on a name starting with S in Malayalam for your baby Boy. To start, you want to make sure you and your partner both like it and that it doesn’t remind either of you of someone you don’t like. It’s also helpful to coordinate the first name with the last name, along with any middle name(s) being considered.Beyond that, it’s a good idea to choose a baby Boy name that matches your family identity and holds some sense of meaning or personal appeal. We suggest you spend some time listening to how your potential baby Boy name starting with S in Malayalam syllables sound together, asking around to see how hard the name is to pronounce, and thinking about what the initials spell out, if anything. Some couples narrow things down to a couple of favorites in advance of the birth, then see which of the Malayalam Boy names best suits their baby after it is born. In recent times, some parents are avoiding Malayalam baby Boy names starting with S altogether, preferring to select gender-neutral names. Ultimately, choosing a perfect Malayalam name is a personal decision that is up to you and your partner.



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