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Monday, March 7, 2022

M Letter Names for Baby Boy in Bengali 2022: M Letter Names in Bengali for Baby Boy

M Letter Names for Baby Boy in Bengali 2022: M Letter Names in Bengali for Baby Boy
M Letter Names for Baby Boy in Bengali 2022: M Letter Names in Bengali for Baby Boy

Bengali Baby Boy Names Start with M: This page has a huge collection of names for boy babies especially starting with the Bengali alphabet A. Parents who want to name their child with a unique name can search and find the best name here. The best name should have horoscope values and modern meanings so we collect names with those values.

M Letter Names for Boy in Bengali: We have created a list of latest and new M letter names for baby Boy in Bengali. M letter names in Bengali for Boys are modern for our time. This list will help you select the best names for your baby Boy in Bengali which everybody in your family will love. We hope these names will make your Boy stand out in the crowd.

M Letter Names for Boy in Bengali

Choosing a name for your baby-to-be is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your pregnancy. Should you select a classic name that will stand the test of time, possibly one that’s remained in your family for generations? Or, should you opt for a name that’s more modern and unique? Get the complete list of Baby Boy Names starting with M in Bengali.

Alphabet M
Baby Boy
Gender Female
Language Bengali
Provider Teacher Text

Meaning of M Letter Names in Bengali for Baby Boy

People with names starting with L are quite attractive . Living in the world of dreams and being happy in small things is their special quality. They do not aspire to get much in life. Such people live in love with everyone, but family matters to them the most.

Sometimes they face economic problems, but they find a way to deal with every problem. These people are very sensitive in terms of love, as well as very romantic. They are very idealistic for love, and prefer to keep the world of dreams away from their partners.

Popular Baby Boy Names Starting with M in Bengali 2022

Find here a list of Boy names starting with M in Bengali 2022. Here, you can browse the list of the top 1,000 baby Boy names starting with M in Bengali for inspiration.

Whether you are seeking a cool baby Boy name filled with enthusiasm and energy, or prefer a cute Boy name that’s a little more low-key or off-the-beaten path, our lists of unique, uncommon and most popular baby Boy names will help you find the right fit.


Mullinti Lord Shiva
Mukunth Name of Lord Krishna
Muhil Cloud
Mrugank Lion
Monali Name of Goddess Durga
Mokshgna Lord Shiva
Mohen God Krishna
Minhal Beautiful Flowers
Mikesh A Kind of Lord
Maury Dark skinned
Manus Great
Manotej Who has Fast Thinking
Manigandan Lord Ayyappa
Manant Deep Thinking
Mamik Pure Soul Meaningful
Malasri Woman Wearing a Garland
Maieveen Lovely
Mahija Born with Praises
Munduri Grandson of Shiva
Mrutavanarajeevana Reviver of dead monkeys
Munisansutasanstuta Worshipped by sages
Mahamrityunjaya Great victor of death
Muthu Krishnan Made of pearls
Maruthi Prasad Lord Hanuman Bhimsen
Mayon Marugan Lord Murugan Vishnus nephew
Mandavya Name of a sage
Mrigad Animal devourer Tiger
Muktanand Happiness of freedom
Meghmalhar Clouds Raag for rains
Maansik Intellectual Fanciful Psychic
Markhandeyan Devotee of Lord Shiva
Maandhan Rich in honour Honourable
Mahabali One with great strength
Meghnad Roar of clouds Thunder
Maargit Pearl Desired Needed
Munikanta Peace and cool
Maheswar Lord Shiva God Shankar
Manorit Desire Of the mind
Maandavik Belonging to people Administrator
Mal Marugan Lord Murugan Vishnus nephew
Madhudeep God of Love
Mahaganapati Omnipotent and supreme Lord
Murlimanohar The flute playing God
Marutatmaja Adored like gems
Mahodara Generous and kind
Maarmik Intelligent Influential Insightful Perceptive
Mahaduth Most radiant Lord Hanuman
Maheshwara Lord of the gods
Madhughne Killer of demon Madhu
Mahayogi Greatest of all gods
Mahakala Lord of all times
Matsyendra Lord of the fish
Matsendra King of the fishes
Marthand The Sun Sun God
Martanda The Sun Sun God
Manavendra King among men
Mandhata An ancient king
Mallesha Name of Lord Shiva
Mamraj Lord of affection
Manickaraj King of gem
Marutatmaj Most beloved like gems
Martand The Sun Sun God
Mangalamurti All auspicious Lord
Maniram Jewel of a person
Manwendra King among men
Mansukh Pleasure of mind
Megh Nad Roar of clouds Thunder
Meetraj Kingdom of friends
Mugeshan Happy long life
Mantraraj Hymns Holy chants
Manuprairna Inspiration of original Man
Meghraj King of clouds
Meghadri Hill of cloud
Manvendra King among men
Meghashyam Lord Krishna Cloud dark
Mrinmoy Made of earth
Manju Prasad Snow Dewdrops Beautiful
Mundakarama Abode of happiness
Malaravan Gentle like flower
Mohana Priya Loving Attractive charming
Manmohan Pleasing Lord Krishna
Manideep Light of diamond
Mahiraj Ruler of the world
Mannan Meditate Thinking Thought
Manjughosh Sweet sounding recitation
Mohanraj Charming Fascinating Lord Krishna
Manjunath Snow Dewdrops Beautiful
Midhinesh Lord indraking of heaven
Muktidaya Bestowed of eternal bliss
Mahaniya Worthy of honor
Madhukesh Hair of Lord Vishnu
Madhavdas Servant of Lord Krishna
Maharanth Pollen inside a flower
Mahapurush Great being Lord Rama
Maharath A great charioteer
Maha Ganapati Omnipotent and supreme Lord
Madanapal Lord of Love
Madanmohan Attractive and lovable
Mathura An ancient religious city
Maanik Ruby Valued Honoured Gem
Masar Sapphire Jewel Emerald
Manich Pearl Flower Hand
Manjav Swift as thought
Maandav Able administrator Fit Competent
Madir Nectar Wine Intoxicating
Manaan Meditate Thinking Thought
Marsh Steward Patience Deliberation
Manmada Any time young
Marudeva Lord of the desert
Munjal King of gujarat
Mariraj A world king
Menon Lord Krishna Exalted one
Milaan Union To Meet
Mayuk Brilliance Brilliant Splendor
Murgesh Lord Kartikeya Lord Murugan
Mithin Governor Moment in time
Mranal A collection of lotus
Meetaan Friend for ever
Manasyu Wishing Desiring Desirous
Marmik Intelligent Influential Insightful Perceptive
Meghdutt Gift of clouds
Mithresh Peacelover Warm Mediator
Maninth Carried by the mind
Mazhilan Give Happy to life
Manindra Diamond Lord of gems
Manendra King of mind
Munindra Best among saints
Manashyu Wishing Desiring Desirous
Mukul Bud First bloom
Manonith Carried by the mind
Manava Man Human being
Maheshwar Lord Shiva God Shankar
Mahijith Conqueror of the earth
Murugesh Lord Kartikeya Lord Murugan
Magan Engrossed Absorbed Immersed
Maderu Worthy of praise
Mantram Holy name Lord Vishnu
Mahan Great one Powerful Eminent
Madhumay Consisting of Honey
Mahavir Most courageous among men
Mahaling Lord Shiva name
Mahakal Lord of Lord Shiva
Maheshwaram Lord of the universe
Math Bear Jewel Magnet
Mod Modesty Happiness Fragrance
Mokshad Last of Moksha
Marudha Place of farms
Mahnav Man Human being
Mriganka The Moon Wind Distinguished
Mrug Name of a bird
Miki Who is like God
Mrigank The Moon Wind Distinguished
Mitun Couple or union
Mir Chief Worthy of admiration
Mandan Adorning Loving Decoration
Mahith Honored Respected Excellent Revered
Mahiman Dignity Power Greatness
Maral Swan Deer Soft Gentle
Mangalam All auspicious Lord
Manthan Reflection through study
Minesh Leader of fish
Mudita Happy Delight Satisfied
Milan Union To Meet
Mitra Friend The Sun
Montu A sweet name
Mayukh Brilliance Brilliant Splendor
Mathan Cupid God of Love
Mithun Couple or union
Mayank The Moon Distinguished
Madur Sweet Melodious Amiable
Mohnish Lord Krishna Attractive God
Mitesh One with few desires
Maharshi A great saint
Medhansh Who born with intelligence
Mouni Lord Shiva Silent
Miky Who is like God
Mahit Honored Respected Excellent Revered
Marine Manu the great
Mitang Well defined body
Manan Meditate Thinking Thought
Mayon The black God
Manim Spring of pearls
Mital Friendly Friendship Sweet
Mitin Governor Moment in time
Mitanshu Bordered Friendly element
Maulesh Chndra mauleshawar Lord Shiva
Meetul True friend Balanced Moderate
Manik Ruby Valued Honoured Gem
Mudit Happy Satisfied Pleased
Mohak Attractive Infatuating Handsome
Mivaan Sunrays of God
Mitul True friend Balanced Moderate
Mohin Attractive Fascinating Bewildering
Meer Chief Worthy of admiration
Mriga A female deer
Mokshi Spirited Energy Nerve
Moh Love Worldly attaclunent Infatuation
Mahee Expert Lord Vishnu
Maheem Lord Shiva Great
Manggaurdi Lord Murugan
Manju Prasanna Snow
Mahalingam Shivalingam
Manikya Ruby
Mithren The Sun
Mahapurusha Great being
Mridur Water born
Manobhaav Attitude
Manishith Wished Desired
Mahashan Alldevouring
Malayaj Sandal tree
Mriduk Gentle Soft
Manishin Thoughtfull
Mahipathi King
Madhupal Honey keeper
Madhughosh Sweet sounding
Muttai Lord Murugan
Manishit Wished Desired
Maandhar Honourable
Mrirunay Earthly
Maanikya Ruby
Manmathan Kamadeva
Maarshak Respectable Worthy
Maargin Guide Pioneer
Mahajan Great Man
Mahayogine Supreme meditator
Mahidhar Angry Man
Mahatmane Supreme being
Mahatejase Most radiant
Mahadhyuta Most radiant
Mahatapase Great meditator
Meshanthan Shantham
Mastikh Naughty
Mahabuddhi Extremely intelligent
Manyata Principles Assumption
Makrand Honey
Munikrishna Sage
Makarand Bee
Manibhushan Supreme gem
Manuraj Kuber
Mahrishi Yogi
Muktananda Liberated
Manimaran Playboy
Meraman Samndar
Muthanna Lord Shiva
Mihirkiran Sunray
Meghanraj Pearl
Mulkraj King
Mawlik The precious
Murugadas Bright
Mauktik Pearl
Muniraju Lord Kuber
Montesh Mountain
Mithran The Sun
Motilal Pearl
Manikanta Lord Ayyappa
Mahatapas Great meditator
Mahatejas Most radiant
Madhuram Sweet
Madhukant The Moon
Madhukanta The Moon
Madhu Smitha Sweet face
Maha Dhyuta Most radiant
Mahanthesha The Moon
Mahantesh Great soul
Maanvir Brave heart
Mrudang Musical instrument
Matil Intelligent
Manksh Longing Desire
Mantik Thoughtful Devoted
Maathar Traveller Voyager
Mayoor Peacock
Manhan Present Gift
Mandit Decorated Adorned
Mirat Mirror Reflective
Maresh God
Maran Sea
Mantar Bluff master
Murad Desire Will
Myesha Woman
Mitwa Companion Beloved
Mantavyah Sadhu
Medhaj Chief
Matheysh Lord Shiva
Mitrajit Friendly
Murugan Tamil God
Mallu God knowledge
Mannith Honored Chosen
Manorath Desire
Mandhatri Prince
Mrinendra Lion
Manmatha Cupid
Mahipati King
Morya King
Mahindra A king
Mishry Sweet Brilliant
Mudgal A saint
Moushimi Seasonal
Mrigendra Lion
Mohajit Attractive
Mahesha Supreme Lord

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What To Consider When Choosing A Baby Boy Names Starting with M in Bengali

There are so many things to factor in when deciding on a name starting with M in Bengali for your baby Boy. To start, you want to make sure you and your partner both like it and that it doesn’t remind either of you of someone you don’t like. It’s also helpful to coordinate the first name with the last name, along with any middle name(s) being considered.Beyond that, it’s a good idea to choose a baby Boy name that matches your family identity and holds some sense of meaning or personal appeal. We suggest you spend some time listening to how your potential baby Boy name starting with M in Bengali syllables sound together, asking around to see how hard the name is to pronounce, and thinking about what the initials spell out, if anything. Some couples narrow things down to a couple of favorites in advance of the birth, then see which of the Bengali Boy names best suits their baby after it is born. In recent times, some parents are avoiding Bengali baby Boy names starting with M altogether, preferring to select gender-neutral names. Ultimately, choosing a perfect Bengali name is a personal decision that is up to you and your partner.



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