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Monday, May 6, 2024

Conversation Between Two Friends About A Garden: 2 Friends Conversation on A Garden


Conversation Between Two Friends About A Garden: 2 Friends Conversation on A Garden
Conversation Between Two Friends About A Garden: 2 Friends Conversation on A Garden

Conversation Between Two Friends About A Garden: Here in this article you will find Conversation Between Two Friends About A Garden. Let's see how this conversion between these 2 friends on A Garden turns out. Here we have used two friends name as Arun and Yogesh. Arun and Yogesh are best friends, if you have best friend, you would definitely know the kind of conversations that happen between two friends. You will find a feww examples of such conversion between two friends in this article. Check them out and try analysing the kind of words, and the language as a whole, used in such situations.

Conversation Between Two Friends About A Garden


Conversation Between Two Friends


A Garden

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Conversation Between Two Friends About A Garden

1. Conversation Between Two Friends on A Garden

Yogesh : Who is outside? Please wait, I am just coming to open the door.
Arun : Oh! please open the door quickly.
Yogesh : Oh, you Sana why are you making a noise?
Arun : Matter is like that.
Yogesh : What happened? Will you speak or not?
Arun : Today some guests are coming. I need some flowers to decorate home.
Yogesh : You will get flowers from that garden which is in front.
Arun : Then hurry up.
Yogesh : Please wait, just going.
Arun : See how beautiful this jasmine is looking!
Yogesh : With jasmine these roses will look nice in your flower-pot.
Arun : No, not roses.
Yogesh : Why? It is very strange, do you not like roses?
Arun : I like white roses not red one.
Yogesh : What about this marigold?
Arun : It is alright but let's pluck mangolia and Narcissus.  Because these are the queens of perfumes.
Yogesh : See Sana, how soft the grass of this garden is!
Arun : Which flowers are these?
Yogesh : Perhaps these are dasies.
Arun : These are not like dasies, these are other flowers.
Yogesh : May be but looking beautiful.
Arun : Yes they are.
Yogesh : See gardener is coming. It can be that he may give some flowers.
Arun : Ask quickly.
Gardener : Oh, dear daughter sana, have you come to take flowers?
Arun : Yes, Mali Chacha, some guests are coming, I want some flowers.
Gardener : Yogesh, today you have not come to take mangolia for your hair?
Yogesh : I had no time in the morning. Now I will take.
Gardener : Let's go then I will give you some different flowers...take these.
Arun : Yogesh........Thank you Mali Chacha.

2. Conversation Between Two Friends on A Garden

Yogesh: Hello Arun! I needed your advice about something.

Arun: Hi Yogesh! Sure,but what do you have in mind?


Yogesh: I was thinking of starting a rooftop garden at home.

Arun: What a coincidence! I have been thinking of doing the same thing! Is this what you needed advice on?


Yogesh: How wonderful! Like they say, "Great minds think alike!" Yes, I need your help with this project.

Arun: I would love to help, but I have no idea about gardening. I have only been watching videos on this subject.


Yogesh: Me too! But I think we can learn the basics from the videos. There is so much information available.

Arun: Yes. And I really like the idea of using whatever is available at home, like plastic Coke bottles instead of pots and home made manure.


Yogesh: True! Let's chalk out a plan. The first thing would be to get some soil, some containers and some seeds.

Arun: We have enough soil in the garden downstairs and also enough containers. But seeds?


Yogesh: It is not hard to get seeds. Whatever vegetable is cooked at home, just keep the seeds. People I know have successfully grown capsicum, chillies and tomatoes from those seeds. Let us start with these and then see how things go.

Arun: That sounds like a great plan! Do you have any information on how to germinate the seeds?


Yogesh: No, not as of now, but we can always look it up on blogs and gardening tutorials. The way every second person is sharing pictures of plants they are growing, I don't think it should be too difficult.

Arun: I hope so too. I am really excited about it.

Yogesh: Me too!

3. Conversation Between Two Friends on A Garden

Me: Hello Yogesh good morning

My friend: Hi Arun a very good morning to you how are you?

Me: I am good and what about you?

My friend: I am also good by the way what are you doing in garden area?

Me: Actually I was planting some trees like rose, mango and Mogra and now doing cleaning of the garden area.

My friend: Ok nice, we are also having small garden surrounding my house but we have appointed one person to take care of it as many of the times we do not know what is required for that plant so that person knows everything like fertilizers and all about the gardening.

Me: Ok that is good actually I like gardening from childhood and developed interest also so I am giving my time for the gardening and we have small garden area so there is no need of appointing any person to take of it and even my grandfather also live with us so he used to take care of plants.

My friend: Ok if there is someone in our house then there is no need of appointing any person but by the way it is very essential to have a small garden surrounding our house it gives us various benefits like some kitchen plants, some flower plants they are very useful in day to day life.

Me: Yes, I also think the same having at least small garden also is very essential. Now a days everyone keeps a small garden area at the time of construction to develop small gallery d├ęcor in their flat.

My friend: Yes, basically by just having the fragrance of some flowers our day becomes fresh and it is really overwhelming and even spending some time with plants is also good as it changes our mood completely.

Me: Yeah you said very well I think we should give at least an hour of the week for the garden area what’s say?

My friend: Yes obviously, ok now let me go I am getting late.

Me: Wait take this plant and plant is your garden area.

My friend: Wow thank you so much

Me: Yours always welcome

My friend: Ok bye take care.

Me: See you.


FAQs About Conversation Between Two Friends About A Garden

How to analyze conversations between two friends about A Garden??

Conversation writing helps to enhance children’s creative power. It helps them imagine all the possible kinds of conversations that might take place between two or more people in a given situation. Writing a conversation that occurs between two friends can be an easy and effective job if you learn how to capture the emotion conveyed.

What is conversation and how many types of conversation are there?

A conversation is a type of communication that takes place between two or more people. Through conversation, people communicate different ideas, thoughts and information.

There are four types of conversations namely debate, dialogue, discourse and diatribe.

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