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Monday, May 6, 2024

Conversation Between Two Friends About Career: 2 Friends Conversation on Career


Conversation Between Two Friends About Career: 2 Friends Conversation on Career
Conversation Between Two Friends About Career: 2 Friends Conversation on Career

Conversation Between Two Friends About Career: Here in this article you will find Conversation Between Two Friends About Career. Let's see how this conversion between these 2 friends on Career turns out. Here we have used two friends name as Arun and Yogesh. Arun and Yogesh are best friends, if you have best friend, you would definitely know the kind of conversations that happen between two friends. You will find a feww examples of such conversion between two friends in this article. Check them out and try analysing the kind of words, and the language as a whole, used in such situations.

Conversation Between Two Friends About Career


Conversation Between Two Friends



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Conversation Between Two Friends About Career

1. Conversation Between Two Friends on Career

Yogesh : Hello Arun, how are you ?

Arun : Fine, thank you. And how about you ?

Yogesh : I’m also fine, Arun. We are in intermediate class. So we must choose our career now.

Arun : You are quite right. Success in life depends on the right choice of career.

Yogesh : We must choose our career properly. May I know your choice of career?

Arun : Yes, of course. I have decided to become a doctor. Do you like this profession?

Yogesh : Yes I do. It is a  good profession. Could you tell me why you have chosen this profession?

Arun : Most of our people are deprived of the service of the doctors.

Yogesh : Yes there are shortage of good doctors in our country. They people who live in the villages cannot consult a good doctor.

Arun : I want to serve the people.

Yogesh : Are you willing to go to the villagers if necessary?

Arun : Yes, of course.  Through  this profession I will be able to earn money  honestly. Well, could you tell me about your choice of career?

Yogesh  : Of course. I want to be an agriculture officer.

Arun : Most students like to be doctor, Engineer or administrator. Why not you?

Yogesh : Our country is an agricultural country. Our economy depends on agriculture.

Arun : Yes, it is right. Please tell me about your plan.

Yogesh : I will get myself  admitted into an Agricultural University. After completing my education I will join the service of agriculture cadre. I will make research on agriculture.

Arun : It’s a noble profession too.

Yogesh : I’ll teach  the farmers  about the modern method  of cultivation.

Arun : I appreciate your plan.

Yogesh : Choosing career is not enough. We must work hard to fulfill our plan.

Arun : Of course. We must do well in the H.S.C Examination, otherwise we will not be able to become a doctor or an agriculture officer.

Yogesh : Of course .Thank you Arun. It was really nice speaking to you.

Arun : You’re welcome. Good bye. See you again.

Yogesh : Bye. 

2. Conversation Between Two Friends on Career

Arun – Hey! How was your exam?

Yogesh – It was great. How was yours?

Arun – Same here. At least, we successfully finished our exam. I feel great.

Yogesh – Yaah! It’s a great relief.

Arun – Lets go the canteen out there & have some juice. Its very hot today.

Yogesh – Yaah let’s go. (After sitting in the canteen)

Arun – Have you decided what do you want to be?

Yogesh – Yaah, but I am confused. I have a liking towards English literature. But I want to become a engineer.

Arun – Ok! But for possessing your ambition you should choose the correct stream.

Yogesh – Yaah! I think I would take up science as my subject. I am confident about my ambition. What about you?

Arun – I always wanted to be a doctor. I want to take up science as subject. But I am a bit scared as well.

Yogesh – Do not worry! Science is a bit tough, but it is interesting as well.

Arun – Yaah! Let’s hope for the best. I am preparing myself for the entrance as well. What about you?

Yogesh – Yaah! I will also start taking my coaching classes. I am very serious about my carrier.

Arun – Let’s hope for the best. I hope both our results are satisfactory. Same to you.

Yogesh – Same to you.


3. Conversation Between Two Friends on Career

Yogesh: Hello Arun. It is nice to see you after such a long time. Where have you been?
Arun: Hello Yogesh, It's nice to see you too. I've been busy in preparing for my engineering entrance examinations.
Yogesh: That is great! I did not know you wanted to become an engineer.
Arun: I've always had a natural inclination towards a mechanical occupation, so I want to become an engineer. What are you going to do?
Yogesh: I have always loved teaching. Wish to become a good teacher like my mother. Do you remember how we used to imitate our teachers during our school days?
Arun: No doubt, you have all the qualities of a good teacher. I have seen you guide your younger brother do his homework. You will be a very good teacher.
Yogesh:Thanks Arun. I just hope I achieve my goal of becoming a competent teacher and share my knowledge with the students for their future.
Arun: That is a very nice thought, Yogesh. There are many responsibilities that a teacher has to shoulder. It is a difficult job, although it's a very noble profession.
Yogesh: You are right. I have seen my mother getting upset when her students don't perform well and getting overjoyed when they pass with flying colors. She holds herself responsible for the well-being of each and every student.
Arun: Yes, that is the reason of her being the most beloved teacher of our school till date. I remember her brilliance as a teacher when I was in her class. Please convey my regards to her.
Yogesh:Thanks Arun. I will surely convey your regards to her.
Arun: Hope to see you soon. Wish you all the best in all your endeavors, Yogesh.
Yogesh:Thanks Arun. I wish you the same. Bye.
Arun: Bye. Take care.

FAQs About Conversation Between Two Friends About Career

How to analyze conversations between two friends about Career??

Conversation writing helps to enhance children’s creative power. It helps them imagine all the possible kinds of conversations that might take place between two or more people in a given situation. Writing a conversation that occurs between two friends can be an easy and effective job if you learn how to capture the emotion conveyed.

What is conversation and how many types of conversation are there?

A conversation is a type of communication that takes place between two or more people. Through conversation, people communicate different ideas, thoughts and information.

There are four types of conversations namely debate, dialogue, discourse and diatribe.

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