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Monday, May 6, 2024

Conversation Between Two Friends About Covid-19: 2 Friends Conversation on Covid-19


Conversation Between Two Friends About Covid-19: 2 Friends Conversation on Covid-19
Conversation Between Two Friends About Covid-19: 2 Friends Conversation on Covid-19

Conversation Between Two Friends About Covid-19: Here in this article you will find Conversation Between Two Friends About Covid-19. Let's see how this conversion between these 2 friends on Covid-19 turns out. Here we have used two friends name as Arun and Yogesh. Arun and Yogesh are best friends, if you have best friend, you would definitely know the kind of conversations that happen between two friends. You will find a feww examples of such conversion between two friends in this article. Check them out and try analysing the kind of words, and the language as a whole, used in such situations.

Conversation Between Two Friends About Covid-19


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Conversation Between Two Friends About Covid-19

1. Conversation Between Two Friends on Covid-19

Arun: Hello friend. How are you?
Yogesh: Fine. What about you?
Arun: I’m also fine. What are you doing?
Yogesh: I’m trying to prepare my lessons for my exam.
Arun: Oh! Can we discuss about Coronavirus or COVID-19 ?
Yogesh: Of course. Why not? Let me tell you about COVID-19.
Arun: Actually, COVID-19 is the biggest health crisis in the whole world. It is also
spreading in our Bangladesh.
Yogesh: Infected people experience fever, cough, throat pain etc.
Arun : Right. We should wash our hands frequently, wear mask, avoid crowded areas, maintain social distance etc.
Yogesh : We must take all the vaccines provided by the government.
Arun : You are absolutely right. Last of all, we should be aware of coronavirus.
Yogesh : Thank you very much for this important conversation or discussion.
Arun : You’re welcome.

2. Conversation Between Two Friends on Covid-19

Arun : Hey Yogesh! How are you?
Yogesh: Hi Arun. I’m fine and you?
Arun : I’m also good. why aren’t you wearing a mask?
Yogesh: mask? why do I need to wear it? the lockdown is over now.
Arun : Yes, the lockdown is over but we still have to follow the Covid guidelines.
Yogesh: But why?
Arun : This is because after the lockdown has ended, people have become carefree due to
which the corona cases are on the rise again and some places have been put on lockdown
Yogesh: Oh, That’s so bad. I was not at all aware of it. I have not worn a mask for the whole
week. how do I know if I have Covid-19?
Arun : The three major symptoms are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. it may look like
you have got a seasonal allergy or influenza because the symptoms of covid-19 are quite similar
you must consult a doctor and get a test if you experience these symptoms.
Yogesh: Sure, that means I should keep wearing masks, follow social distancing and sanitize
myself regularly.
Arun : Yes, you should be careful and take basic precautions. whenever you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth with a tissue and throw it in a closed dustbin immediately. Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth unnecessarily also, wash your hands with soap frequently for at least 20
seconds. Avoid participating in large gatherings.
Yogesh: Thank you Arun for making me realize that I have to keep following the guidelines.
Arun : You’re welcome. I hope this will settle down soon.
Yogesh: I hope so too. have a nice day. Bye.
Arun : Bye

3. Conversation Between Two Friends on Covid-19

Arun: Hi Yogesh! How are you doing?

Yogesh: I’m doing absolutely great. Thanks! How about you? And how are you? Are you safe during this pandemic?

Arun: Absolutely. I’m taking precautions. By the way, what’s new these days?

Yogesh: Well, well, well! As usual, I’m studying for my civil services examination which is lined up on May 31st.

Arun: I know the date, but don’t you think it will be extended further due to the lockdown?

Yogesh: There are some really good chances of the examination getting postponed by at least a month. And they should, because the studies of the aspirants have been affected to a great extent. But due to no notifications by the UPSC about the postponing of the examination, we have to be all set for May 31st only. How is the situation of the pandemic in your city?

Arun: There are two cases here in my city. Both the cases are still active and both were tested positive this week itself. Since then, the administration has become very strict and people have also become very precautious. No idea what’s going to happen in the coming days. How is the situation over there in Delhi?

Yogesh: It is very bad, extremely bad. The positive cases are compounding rapidly. I think it will take another 1-2 months to bring the situation in total control in Delhi. Luckily, coronavirus is not as deadly as the Spanish flu of 1918. But still, it is taking many lives.

Arun: Very true. In fact, I just feel tensed the moment I think about countries like the USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and others. We’re still in a way better condition than those, or at least seem to be. I know the testing rate in India is one of the lowest in the world.

Yogesh: Let’s just hope for the best. We need to support mankind by providing all the sort of help that we can provide while being precautious. The world economy is drowning drastically, and it will take years to recover from this state. I just hope that things get back to normal as soon as possible.

Arun: I also hope the same. Alrighty, I gotta go. I’ll call you later, Yogesh! Go and do your studies and best of luck for your examination. Bye!

Yogesh: Thanks, Arun! Have a good day! Bye!

FAQs About Conversation Between Two Friends About Covid-19

How to analyze conversations between two friends about Covid-19??

Conversation writing helps to enhance children’s creative power. It helps them imagine all the possible kinds of conversations that might take place between two or more people in a given situation. Writing a conversation that occurs between two friends can be an easy and effective job if you learn how to capture the emotion conveyed.

What is conversation and how many types of conversation are there?

A conversation is a type of communication that takes place between two or more people. Through conversation, people communicate different ideas, thoughts and information.

There are four types of conversations namely debate, dialogue, discourse and diatribe.

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