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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

U Letter Names for Baby Girl in Bengali 2022: U Letter Names in Bengali for Baby Girl

U Letter Names for Baby Girl in Bengali 2022: U Letter Names in Bengali for Baby Girl
U Letter Names for Baby Girl in Bengali 2022: U Letter Names in Bengali for Baby Girl

Bengali Baby Girl Names Start with U: This page has a huge collection of names for boy babies especially starting with the Bengali alphabet A. Parents who want to name their child with a unique name can search and find the best name here. The best name should have horoscope values and modern meanings so we collect names with those values.

U Letter Names for Girl in Bengali: We have created a list of latest and new U letter names for baby Girl in Bengali. U letter names in Bengali for Girls are modern for our time. This list will help you select the best names for your baby Girl in Bengali which everybody in your family will love. We hope these names will make your Girl stand out in the crowd.

U Letter Names for Girl in Bengali

Choosing a name for your baby-to-be is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make during your pregnancy. Should you select a classic name that will stand the test of time, possibly one that’s remained in your family for generations? Or, should you opt for a name that’s more modern and unique? Get the complete list of Baby Girl Names starting with U in Bengali.

Alphabet U
Baby Girl
Gender Female
Language Bengali
Provider Teacher Text

Meaning of U Letter Names in Bengali for Baby Girl

Those whose names begin with T Letter are attractive-looking and happy-type people. Due to hard work, they are a little avoided. They Do not easily share the secret to anyone and are very expert in keeping things secret. Yes, in the case of love, it is quite romantic and takes care of the rest of your relationship too.

Popular Baby Girl Names Starting with U in Bengali 2022

Find here a list of Girl names starting with U in Bengali 2022. Here, you can browse the list of the top 1,000 baby Girl names starting with U in Bengali for inspiration.

Whether you are seeking a cool baby Girl name filled with enthusiasm and energy, or prefer a cute Girl name that’s a little more low-key or off-the-beaten path, our lists of unique, uncommon and most popular baby Girl names will help you find the right fit.


Ujas Bright Light before dawn
Uthra Conventional Stylized constellation
Usri A river
Ushika Goddess Parvati Dawn worshipper
Usharvi Raga in the morning
Ushakiran Rays of morning Sun
Urveen Friend See also ervin
Urmimala Garland of waves
Urmi Wave
Upasna Veneration Worship Devotion
Upama Comparison Similar Equality
Upada A gift Generous
Umarani Queen of queen
Uma Devi Goddess Parvati Goddess Uma
Uma Bhuiayn Goddess Parvati
Ujjayini An ancient city
Ujjanini An ancient city
Ujhala Light
Udita One who has risen
Utpalini Lotus pond
Utpala Lotus A river
Utkala Coming from Utkal
Uruvi Substantial Excellent The earth
Upeksha To neglect Awaiting Disregard
Upasana Veneration Worship Devotion
Udvita River of lotuses
Utkashana Commanding
Utkalita Brilliant Blossoming
Upkosha Treasure
Unnika Wave
Ujayati Conqueror
Udvaha Descendent Daughter
Ullasitha Joyful
Utpalabha Lotus like
Udvahni Brilliant
Ujjvala Bright Lighted
Ujvalitha Lighting
Upadhriti A Ray
Utalika Wave
Usha Lakshi Morning Dawn
Urishilla Excellent
Udhayarani Rising queen
Udantika Satisfaction
Ushasi Dawn
Unnya Wavy Night
Uthama Exceptional
Ujesha Conquering
Uravashi An Angel
Ullupi Pretty face
Ujvala Bright Lighted
Ujjwala Bright Lighted
Ujwala Bright Lustrous
Utsuka Exited
Utpatti Creation
Usha Dawn
Utsavi Festivities
Ursula Little bear
Unma Joy
Urmika Small wave
Urishita Firm
Unjali Blessing
Ucchal Perception
Urshita Firm
Udayashree Dawn
Urna Cover
Uthami Honest
Ushashi Morning
Utsa Spring
Urva Big
Udaya Dawn
Ura The heart
Ushma Heat
Ushi A plant
Umangi Happiness, joy
Udyati Elevated
Uditi Rising
Udipti On fire
Udbala Strong
Ubika Growth
Unni Lead; Modest
Unzila Gentle, Devotee of God
Upala Sandy Shore; Stone; Gem
Uparna Leaf, Precious Gemstone
Upasana Fasting, Devotion, Homage
Upasana Worship
Upasana Worship; Devotion; Homage
Upashona Fasting; Long Meditation
Upasona Worship; Chapel
Upma comparison/instance
Upma Example
Upoma Good Example
Ura The Heart
Ura The Heart; Earth; Love
Urbashi Celetial Beauty
Urbashi celetial beauty
Urboshi Beautiful Queen
Urishita Firm
Urishita Firm
Urmeela Enchantress; God's Bird; Wife of ....
Urmi waves
Urmi Wave
Urmila God's Bird; Enchantress; Wife of ....
Urmilla God's Bird; Enchantress; Wife of ....
Urmimala Beautiful; Garland of Waves
Urmimala Garland Of Waves
Urmisha A Person with Full of Feelings
Urmita Peaceful; Sun
Urshita Determined, A Confident Person
Urva Big
Urva Huge; Big
Urvasha Widely Extending; Ardour; Wish
Urvashi To Rise, Celestial Maiden
Urvi Earth
Urvi Princess; Earth
Urvisha Rainy Cloud, Queen
Urvshi To Rise, Most Beautiful Women
Urwashi Most Beautiful of Apsaras
Usashi To Be Defined. if you know the meaning , please let us know
Usasi End of Day; Evening Twilight
Usha Morning; Dawn; Sun rise
Usha Joy, Sun Rise, Dawn, Happiness
Ushaa Sun Rise
Ushashi Morning
Ushashi Morning
Ushasi Dawn; Morning Time
Ushasie Evening Twilight
Ushasree All is Success
Ushmil Warm Hearted
Ushmil Warm Hearted
Ushmita Fire; Determine
Ushoshi Twilight Dawn
Usmi To do Something; Continuing Work
Ussala Cheerful
Utalika Wave
Utalika Wave
Utara Superior, Answer, A Star

Baby Names for Girl in Telugu for all Alphabets

What To Consider When Choosing A Baby Girl Names Starting with U in Bengali

There are so many things to factor in when deciding on a name starting with U in Bengali for your baby Girl. To start, you want to make sure you and your partner both like it and that it doesn’t remind either of you of someone you don’t like. It’s also helpful to coordinate the first name with the last name, along with any middle name(s) being considered.Beyond that, it’s a good idea to choose a baby Girl name that matches your family identity and holds some sense of meaning or personal appeal. We suggest you spend some time listening to how your potential baby Girl name starting with U in Bengali syllables sound together, asking around to see how hard the name is to pronounce, and thinking about what the initials spell out, if anything. Some couples narrow things down to a couple of favorites in advance of the birth, then see which of the Bengali Girl names best suits their baby after it is born. In recent times, some parents are avoiding Bengali baby Girl names starting with U altogether, preferring to select gender-neutral names. Ultimately, choosing a perfect Bengali name is a personal decision that is up to you and your partner.



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