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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Vanka Summary in Malayalam PDF Download

Vanka Summary in Malayalam PDF Download
Vanka Summary in Malayalam PDF Download

Vanka Summary in Malayalam: In this article, we will provide you with a summary of Vanka. Also, in this article, we will also provide Vanka Summary in Malayalam for ease of everyone. We have extracted a summary of Vanka and have uploaded them in English and Malayalam for easy understanding and quick learning. If you have questions regarding the Vanka Summary in Malayalam please let us know in the comments.

Vanka Summary Details

We have also found out some important details about the Vanka below:



Written By

Anton Chekhov








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Vanka Summary in Malayalam PDF

You can check below the summary of Vanka in malayalam language.

ഒൻപത് വയസുള്ള ആൺകുട്ടിക്ക് തന്റെ ഏക ബന്ധുവായ മുത്തച്ഛനെ (ആൺകുട്ടിയുടെ വിധിയോട് തീർത്തും നിസ്സംഗത തോന്നുന്ന ഒരു വഴിപിഴച്ച സ്വഭാവം) അവനെ സ്വന്തം നാട്ടിലേക്ക് തിരികെ കൊണ്ടുപോകാൻ ബോധ്യപ്പെടുത്തേണ്ടത് അത്യാവശ്യമാണ്. പട്ടിണി, ദുരുപയോഗം, അപമാനം എന്നിവയാൽ അവൻ അപ്രന്റീസായി സേവനമനുഷ്ഠിക്കുന്ന ഷൂ നിർമ്മാതാവ് അലിയാഖിന്റെ വീട്ടിൽ അസഹനീയമായ ജീവിതം വിവരിക്കാൻ അദ്ദേഹം ഒരു കത്തെഴുതുന്നു. ഒടുവിൽ, അവന്റെ പരിശ്രമത്തിൽ വളരെ സംതൃപ്തിയോടെ, അവൻ അത് ഒരു കവറിൽ ഇട്ടു, 'ഗ്രാമം, എന്റെ മുത്തച്ഛൻ, കോൺസ്റ്റാന്റിൻ മക്കാരിച്ച്' എന്ന വിലാസം എഴുതി, ഒരു പോസ്റ്റ്-ബോക്സിൽ ഇടുന്നു, ഈ വിലയേറിയ വസ്തുവിലാണ് എന്ന് നന്നായി അറിയാം മുഴുവൻ ജീവിതവും ഇപ്പോൾ പൂർണ്ണമായും ആശ്രയിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു.

Vanka Summary in English PDF

You can check below the summary of Vanka in English language.

A nine-year-old boy is in desperate need to convince his grandfather, his only relative (a wayward character, who seems to be totally indifferent to the boy's fate), to take him back to his country home. Stealthily, he writes a letter to describe the unbearable life he leads in the house of the shoemaker Aliakhin, whom he serves as an apprentice for, suffering from hunger, abuse and humiliation. Finally, very pleased with his effort, he puts it into an envelope, inscribes the address: "The village, to my grandfather, Konstantin Makarych" and drops it into a post-box, well aware that it is upon this precious item that his whole life now totally depends.

About the Author Basheer

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (29 January 1860 – 15 July 1904) was a Russian playwright and short-story writer who is considered to be among the greatest writers of short fiction in history. His career as a playwright produced four classics, and his best short stories are held in high esteem by writers and critics. Along with Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg, Chekhov is often referred to as one of the three seminal figures in the birth of early modernism in the theatre. Chekhov practiced as a medical doctor throughout most of his literary career: "Medicine is my lawful wife", he once said, "and literature is my mistress."

Chekhov renounced the theatre after the reception of The Seagull in 1896, but the play was revived to acclaim in 1898 by Konstantin Stanislavski's Moscow Art Theatre, which subsequently also produced Chekhov's Uncle Vanya and premiered his last two plays, Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard. These four works present a challenge to the acting ensemble as well as to audiences, because in place of conventional action Chekhov offers a "theatre of mood" and a "submerged life in the text".

Chekhov had at first written stories to earn money, but as his artistic ambition grew, he made formal innovations which have influenced the evolution of the modern short story. He made no apologies for the difficulties this posed to readers, insisting that the role of an artist was to ask questions, not to answer them.

Conclusion on Vanka Summary in Malayalam

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